Self Storage Reception

Call us or ideally visit to choose and reserve your room. Our trained staff will assist you.

Self storage locker room

Choose from dozens of different room sizes, from lockers...

Small self storage room small rooms...

Medium sized self storage room

...or medium sized rooms...

Large self storage room huge rooms, we have a size to suit you.

Boxes for moving house

Use packing supplies from our shop (online or in store) to make moving and storing easy.

Van at self storage store

Bring your things to our store

Removals company at self storage store

Or choose a removals company to do it for you

Self storage contract

Sign a contract and provide ID and payment details

Self storage unloading area

Unload on our covered unloading area

Self storage trolleys

Use our high quality moving equipment

Wide self storage corridor

Wide corridors make access easy

Private self storage room

Store your things in your own room

Self storage room height

Make use of the full height available

Self storage lock

Only you keep the keys to the free lock we give you.

Self storage 7 day access

Access your room 7 days a week with no access charges.

Self storage delivery

We can receive your deliveries or take care of collections.

Self storage security

Storagebase staff will always be present whenever customers access the store to ensure security.

Self storage flexibility

Change room size or add additional rooms if you need to.

Self storage notice period

Vacate your room if you no longer need it by giving just 7 days notice.

Self storage refund

Receive a refund of any time you have paid for but not used.